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There is a wonderful wild garden with tables liberally scattered about Tampa/St. Petersburg Subway Map it, providing an idyllic spot to relax on a hot summer’s day. Be warned Tampa/St. Petersburg Subway Map , though – it is expensive. Emerging from the tearoom, turn left and continue up St Martin’s Street. Soon you turn left into Lion Street, but it is definitely worth going on a little out of your way to inspect St Martin’s Square immediately beyond. It is not so much a square as a widening of St Martin’s Street but it is a lovely piece of historic Chichester that has hardly changed over the last century. Highlights include the yellow painted No.
Story Ten: Old Allegan Jail Museum

113 Walnut Street, Allegan, MI Secret Room Password: hpi0051 Investigative Team: Hauntings Paranormal Research

There have been ghost stories, of course. What respectable old prison doesn’t have them? Stories of a spectral woman in the sheriff’s residence, sounds of children who aren’t there, and mannequins that change clothes either on their own or with the help of some ghostly visitor. More stories are told of those who have been touched or experienced odd sensations in the old jail cells.

There is definitely a collection of fascinating, ghostly folklore surrounding Old Allegan Jail Museum. The same stories have been written in newspapers and told on local radio and television stations along Michigan’s west coast again, and again, and again.

Though ghost stories are always fun to hear for Bev and I, it isn’t just about the ghost stories but finding the evidence that supports the claim. Is Old Allegan County Jail Museum really haunted or is it just part of the town’s wonderful history and rich folklore?

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