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These voices did not seem to be responding directly to the ladies’ questions. It may have been residual, something that Harry says every now and then while in his room. In a way maybe Harry was responding. It’s possible that all the ladies in his room brought back old memories.

Another very clear voice is heard saying, in here.” The first word can be heard in our secret room.

That same night, in the den and outer room a number of voices were captured. Harry did a lot of business and entertaining at the lodge. He often had both mob and fascist friends over along with numerous ladies. On the first floor the most likely places for business and entertaining would be these two rooms.

The initial voices were captured during the period when Dawn was feeling sick and Lorena got a chill. Right around the time we heard the knocks that everyone assumed were nothing significant. What surprised us with these words is their relevance to the location.

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