Hey Bangkok, and Hey to you guys too now this is the start of our ultimate cambodia trip with geckos adventures we are very excited we need to get to cambodia today, and we’re currently in thailand which means we have to do a bit of a fast day today we have to go on two buses cross the Cambodian border, and then finally arrive in Siem Reap alrighty let’s do this two hours, and no we’re stopping at a cafe. So we can all fill in our visa forms.


So by the time we get to the border, and he’s got a scramble forever on filling in their forms we’re gonna get organized get ready for these visas this is just getting her official passport photo for Cambodia I think that’s the most low-key these are possible are you been looking at the camera I don’t know what, I’m looking at I didn’t show T visas or organized oh my god I saw probably the biggest cold mark I’ve ever seen I need did we mention how we started our day at 5:30 this line all right we just got to the Cambodia consulate we’re going to pretty much apply for our visa it’s visa on arrival, and then we’ll about five minutes we can get in to the kingdom we are now walking through the border goodbye Thailand has been very quick. But I’ve loved it, and now on to Cambodia it’s like we’re walking through like a distance or in no man in no-man’s land no one owns this land were pretty much between Cambodia.

Thailand at the moment we have to walk ourselves across the border all righty everyone welcome to Cambodia that was so interesting as the most unique way of crossing a border that I’ve ever done jumping on the local bus five minutes then going back to fire on the transportation. So then we’re not allowed to take our bags we have to get a porter to walk our bags across the border in Cambodia they’ll be called this country we tried some Cambodian this is called a mock, and usually said we chicken. But we blasted Hariri which they did with nvidia more all right stays go for it spicy little bit of spice got some coconut cream in there you like it – 200 do we have lights awesome yes spread looks comfy, and we got a little love Swan whoo all right you need to get that on the stack all righty guys be bullheaded time, and freshen up are we gonna hang out this dinner together I really hope if it’s something like lunchtime that’ll be great. Because the lunch food was amazing we have headed out walking the streets with the gecko squad we still need to make that a thing Carly walking down some visitors looking for a dinner plate maybe let’s get that place it was raining. So we had to catch the toc-toc homeroom which is always an adventure especially when it’s slippery on the road anyway we go to bed now.

Because tomorrow we are spending all day flooring temples to go to Angkor Wat which among a lot of you might have heard of it’s very famous temple. But we want to get there for sunrise which means we are all meeting downstairs at 4:30 tomorrow morning. So good night guys, and we’ll see you bright, and early tomorrow.

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