Customs & Immigration Cruises

If your cruise visits foreign ports, you’ll have to clear Customs and Immigration, which usually means that your name goes on a list that is reviewed by authorities. You must fill out a Customs declaration form, and you may be required to show your passport. After that, you’ll collect your luggage and exit the terminal.

Note that not all ports have the same requirements; the state of Texas charges cruisers disembarking in any Texan port levies on cigarettes and alcohol, regardless of nationality or home state. You’ll need cash on hand to pay for that.

Customs & Immigration Cruises Photo Gallery

over the Easter Bank Holiday in 1974, the club were to make their annual pilgrimage to oban. I had been really looking forward to this trip because I had heard so much about the fabulous diving there and the great club get-together in the evenings. When the day came to leave, eight of us crammed into two half-ton vans, lying on top of diving equipment and a folded inflatable dinghy, complete with outboard engine and fuel tank. It certainly wasn’t the most comfortable eight-hour journey I have ever experienced but I had been promised a dive or two, so the discomfort seemed worth it at the time. Although I should officially have been onto my ‘G’ test before going on a sea dive, the Diving officer said I could go ahead because I had reached a good standard in the pool – which wasn’t surprising, given the number of repeated tests and training I had endured. For £40 I had acquired a Spartan 55-cubic ft. bottle and twin-hose Siebe Heinke demand valve, and over some four months I had made myself a Long John wetsuit, making the most of quiet periods on nightshift in the ambulance station where I worked as an ambulanceman. My wetsuit was bought as a kit from Aquaquipment at St Albans for about £20. I had no lifejacket, but then only two of the eight members of the party did. I made my first three sea dives over that long weekend, and learned a lot of valuable lessons.

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