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I am now in Siena and this beautiful medieval town is known for its quaint little alley ways and cathedrals and a big beautiful square right in the center of town. So here I am walking through the cute alley ways here in Siena and I turn the corner and boom! I see this beautiful duomo behind me and I think I’ve seen most cathedrals and churches in the world but this one, wow! This one puts them all to shame.

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It is Roman and Gothic architecture all in one. This is actually the oldest working bank in the world. The unique thing about it is 57% of the shares go back into the city. So people from Siena are very proud of this bank. Check this out, I am now in Piazza del Campo. What makes this place unique is the Palio horse races. Twice a year, 35,000 people pack this area to read these crazy, insane, bareback horse races and of course the Italians love it. As we walk around Siena you’ll notice these little crests on different buildings around the city and there’re 17 different districts. Each neighborhood even has its own church and stable. It is absolutely a beautiful little town.

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