Disneyland Park Adventureland

What’s cool about it?

1. Sail several exotic rivers of the world on the Jungle Cruise, which is a seven-minute boat ride past a Bengal tiger, king cobras, hippos, and even Cambodian ruins. Your guide will have tons of funny (and punny) jokes up his or her sleeve as you evade a group of piranhas.

2. Adventureland is home to Indiana Jones TM Adventure, a super-fun thrill ride inside the Temple of the Forbidden Eye even the queue is exciting. The ride vehicles hold 12 people and take you on a search for Indy through a scary (but awesome) realm of booby traps, mummies, snakes, and lava. Get a FastPass for this attraction. S, D, T, A, 46”

3. Climb Tarzan’s Treehouse for a look at rustic living among the birds. This 70-foot tree overlooks the Jungle Cruise and features a neat interactive play area at the base. Look for Jane’s drawings as you climb through this attraction…they tell part of the Tarzan story.

4. Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room was the first attraction ever to feature Audio-Animatronics when it debuted in 1963. It’s a 15-minute show and stars four birds with over 200 performers in all. The tunes will make you grin and stay in your head all day! D

Adventureland Fun Facts!

Disneyland Park Adventureland Photo Gallery

One of the designers of the creatures inside the Jungle Cruise, Bob Mattey, also worked on the shark in Jaws.

No two rides are the same inside the Indiana Jones Adventure attraction.

Tarzan’s Treehouse used to be called the Swiss Family Treehouse. Its leaves are made of vinyl.

When the Jungle Cruise attraction was first opened, Imagineers dyed its river water brown so guests wouldn’t be able to see bottom, only three to eight feet down.

The Enchanted Tiki Room was originally planned as a restaurant. It was the first fully air-conditioned building inside Disneyland because of the computers needed to run it.

1. Bengal Barbeque is a quick-service food spot serving chicken, beef, bacon-wrapped asparagus, fresh fruit, coffee, and pretzels.

2. Tiki Juice Bar sells pineapple spears, juice, Dole Whip soft serve, and sorbet.

3. Fresh fruit, sweets and drinks are on the menu at Tropical Imports.

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i. Image courtesy B64 at en.wikipedia

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