Ebenezer’s US Map & Phone & Address

417 Waverly St. (Rte. 135), Framingham; (508) 626-2220

Neatly housed in the (still working) Framingham train depot, Ebenezer’s is a huge restaurant and bar with a lot

Homemade Italian specialties are again basic, but wonderful, with nightly specials like a plate of lasagna for a mere $3.95. Plus sandwiches, burgers, and plenty of finger foods to go with a brewski and the Sox. Pizzas and sandwiches are served until midnight every day; there is a separate take-out kitchen at one side of the spacious new digs, if you just can’t wait.

Of course, some would say the pizza at the Lynwood Cafe, relatively close by, is every bit as good. The menu at this divey watering hole is simple; none of your sundried-to-matoes-with-a-dash-of-pesto here. In-dividual-sized pies are made to order, for about five bucks. They come out of the oven steaming hot; plan to wait about 25 minutes, or be like Mine and call in your order ahead of time. The Lynwood is at 320 Center St, Randolph, telephone (617) 963-9894. Serving nightly until midnight. going on. Several large rooms are filled with tables and booths, all busily decorated with vintage train signs and memorabilia. If you like this stuff, you may have a hard time keeping your eyes from darting all over.

Speaking of darts, there is a separate bar in a loft area upstairs. On Thursday evenings from 9:30 PM. live bands play there with no cover charge. But, back to the food: It’s good, standard pub fare, with big Bah-Hum burgers from $4.95, All-U-Can-Eat fajitas from $7.95 (including seafood!), steak tips ($8.95), and tons of appetizers. Food is served until midnight, a bit later on Saturdays. Lots of fine brews, too; it’s a boisterous, fun place. Open daily for lunch and dinner.

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