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At the first security roadblock we were stopped by a pole Travel China january -barrier across the road. Peter and I were escorted into a dilapidated shack, the Travel China january office, where we showed our permits. The checkpoint was probably because we were coming close to the Russian border. The other traffic was a few trucks, army jeeps and occasional horsemen wearing woolly hats with earflaps, riding long-maned and fiery ponies, and there was a road-grader being drawn by a camel. By noon we were up around the base of Mount Kongur, which towered up and was lost in clouds. The road goes on past Kongur and there was a truckers’ inn where we had lunch of noodles and soup.

We continued with EVP questions, addressing Daniel Holcomb’s parents. Bev and I both noticed the sudden breeze as the names were spoken, “Henry Holcomb or would Jane Holcomb be here?” The breeze slowly stilled leaving nothing but the soft chirping of birds.

Nearly an hour passed. Traffic on the crossroads was increasing and the noise became a problem. We moved on to St. John’s and Woodland Cemeteries, about five or six miles away.

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