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Kaupanger (Husum Motell, 32 b.), on the N shore oftbeAmlabugt, is connected by ferry with Revsnes, Gudvangen and Ardalstangen. It has a fine 13th c. stave church (restored 1862) and an open-air museum, the Heibergske Samlinger (old houses).

E of Kaupanger, the Sognefjord splits up into the Lusterfjord, which runs N towards the Jotunheim (147), the Ardalsfjord to the E and the Laerdalsfjord to the SE.

The Lusterfjord, 45 km (30 miles) long, owes the milky colouring of its water to the glacier-fed streams which flow into it.

At Urnes, on the E side of the fjord, is one of the oldest stave churches in the country, originally dating from before 1100. From Skjolden, at the northern tip of the fjord, to the Jotunheim, 147.

The Ardalsfjord is the most easterly branch of the Sognefjord. At its head, on an old raised beach, is Ardalstangen or Ardal (pop. 2300; Klingenberg Turisthotell, 68 camp site), with a beautiful church and a large aluminium plant. To the S is the highest peak of the Slettefjell, Sauenosi (1352 m 4436 ft). To the N, on the Ardalsvatn, is the industrial township of Qvre Ardal. From there a road runs N to Hjelle, from which it is a 3-4 hours’ climb up the Vettisgjel gorge to the Vettisfoss, a waterfall 260 m (850 ft) high which has been protected as a nature reserve since 1924.

The Laerdalsfjord extends SE from Kaupanger. At the head of the fjord, at the mouth of the Laerdal, is Laerdalsoyri.

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