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0.0 A sign marks the start of the trail at the east end of the picnic area parking lot. From there it heads east along the lake shore, shortly crossing a gibbon and entering a conifer forest.

0.3 The trail bears left away from Hogback Lake at its eastern end.

0.4 Trail intersection and the start of the circuit portion of this hike. The trail to the right leads to Canal Lake from which you will return to this point near the end of the hike. To begin the circuit, bear left on the trail to Scarp Lake. The trail travels along a sharp ridge, or hogback.

0.7 Spur trail on the right leads to a campsite in 250 feet on a peninsula in Scarp Lake. The main trail continues along the narrow ridge with views of Scarp Lake on the right and Mound Lake on the left.

0.9 Cross a small stream flowing into Mound Lake.

1.1 Trail intersection; trail on the left provides another access route to this circuit hike from County Road 7. A campsite on Steer Lake can be reached in 0.4 mile from this intersection. Bear right to continue the circuit hike. The trail descends from the hogback and makes its way around the eastern end of Scarp Lake. On the southside of the lake the trail once again ascends another hogback ridge.

2.2 Trail intersection; the Lupus Lake Trail bears off to the left. This trail is no longer maintained by the Forest Service and is heavily overgrown and difficult to travel. The Scarp Lake Trail continues to the right.

2.3 Spur trail on the right leads to a campsite in about 0.2 mile.

2.4 Come to a small stream flowing out of Scarp Lake. Cross the stream, turn left and follow it to Canal Lake in about 400 feet. At Canal Lake, turn right and follow the trail along the lake shore. The trail eventually comes to a very narrow strip of land between Canal Lake and Hogback Lake (47° 38′ 33.5″ N 91° 8′ 6.8″ W).

2.5 The trail makes a very hard right turn and ascends the sharp ridge between Canal and Hogback lakes. Before ascending the ridge you may want to walk out to the end of the point where a narrow channel about 5-6 feet wide allows boats access from one lake to the other.

2.8 Trail intersection and the completion of the circuit portion of this hike. To return to the trailhead continue straight ahead passing the Scarp Lake Trail on the right.

2.9 Return to Hogback Lake.

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