What to Expect While You Trip to Cebu in the Philippines?

“Maligayang pagdating sa Cebu”

Do you know that according to some foreign and western travelers, Cebu is not is not a part of Philippines? Well, this idea could spark an indirect and outrageous disloyalty to the to the Philippine Republic. But when you step in Cebu, you would realize that in one or more ways, this region behaves very differently than other parts of the country.

There are many comprehensive reasons for the above-mentioned fact. But the main fact that stays true till today is the abnormal yet enormous growth, according to the needs of the local entrepreneurs. The growth has gained momentum, thanks to the pioneering ventures, making it one of the most attractive and most visited destinations in the Asian continent.

What to Expect While You Trip to Cebu in the Philippines? Photo Gallery

Let us have a run-down through the expectation of the people while they land at Cebu in the Philippines nation.

Day Trip to Bohol with Chocolate Hills and Loboc River

When you visit the Philippines, then you need to take a break from the hustling and bustling life of Cebu. If you take a 360-degree rotation, you will enjoy a brief scenic journey across Cebu. You will find mahogany forests and ancient church, not to forget the UNESCO Listed, Chocolate Hills, being shaped and arranged as if they are mounds of rich chocolates.

From here, you can also enjoy some of the best cruises along the Loboc River. You can also try for a stupendous trip to the world of water activities at Loboc River.

Whale Shark Swimming and Aguinid Falls

The lovely waterfalls at Aguinid in Cebu are not intense or tall and strong as in the other parts of the country. But this doesn’t imply that they are not mystical. Instead, the Aguinid Waterfalls features with the plethora of the complex rock formations, great water compositions, and more.
The falls at Aguinid is very unique. This is because Aguinid is comprised of many little waterfalls. Rather, Aguinid is a system of the waterfall running along the Tangbo River for kilometers. The Aguinid is a fall that combines the elements of nature along with some of the best sceneries ever seen.

Enjoy at the Mantayupan Falls, Cebu

If you are going from Quintilian town, it would take you approximately one and a half hour to get down at Barili town. From the town to the waterfall would take you another 8 to 10-minute drive to the location of the Mantayupan Falls. Now, when you reach the spot, you will get to notice that the spot is less than 100-meter.

While you reach the place, before diving in the waterfall, you need to pass through a forest canopy and experience the majestic atmosphere around. The whole portion of the Mantayupan is a restricted area, implying that the whole area is being continuously monitored by the local government.

Mactan Island Hopping and Adventure

In the south-east of Cebu mainland lies Mactan Islands. Basically, it is a coral island with very close proximity to the Cebu island. Because of this reason, the facilities and amenities for diving have been developed to a great extent. Hence, the visitors are allowed to spend hours and hours together in the water.

With the high-quality diving sites, then the island would look like a paradise to you. If you are a fan of the motorized water sports, then the area around the Mactan Island is something that you should not miss. By chance, you get a chance to step out in the dark, then don’t afford to leave the chance of night diving at the places like Buyong, Lido Point, Marigondon, and Kontiki.

While you are staying in Mactan, the tourists are able to get perform more activities viz. Shark Watching and Tuna Hunting besides Deep Sea Diving at the Tingo Point.

Wrapping Up my Thoughts

Now when you are aware of the expectations of your trip to Cebu, then what are you waiting for! Just visit Cebu and Philippines as a whole and enjoy your honeymoon trip to the core!

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