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Thai Airways Destinations in Thailand Prices are naturally higher than with low cost airlines like Air Asia or Nokair (Thai Airlines Low Cost Airline) but still very affordable. Normally between 2000 baht and 3000 baht per trip, including taxes.


Buses are a major method of transportation for people and packages, and are the most popular means of long distance travel. Tour and VIP class long-distance buses tend to be luxurious.

There are two ways of traveling by bus: The tourist way which is mostly slow and overpriced and usually sold in Tourist Ghetto at Khao Sarn Road, or you use the safer and more convenient public Transportation buses. We suggest you to take the public buses out of safety, speed and price issues. Khao Sarn Tourist Buses often don’t drive through all the way; let people wait in the sun for a couple of hours for a connection bus and so on. No need that this will happen but it happens often enough.

Costs depend on the company you choose on the class you choose and on the destination. A quick example: A VIP Bus (best class) to Phuket will cost you around 900 Baht. In case you need travel on budget you can also manage to get a ticket for less than 500 Baht but being squeezed in a normal seat for 12.. .15 hours is not everyone’s business to save 500 Baht…

If you decided to use the public buses then you have to consider following things: There are 3 Bus stations in Bangkok. Morchit is for Northern destinations, Ekkamai for Eastern Thailand and the remaining one for south is:

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