Galvin’s Harp & Bard US Map & Phone & Address

1099 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester; (617) 265-2893

Good Irish pubs briefly make you forget there’s a world beyond their walls. Dark and wooded as a forest, this longtime favorite has a wide menu of tasty meals plus daily specials that come in under $4.95. These may include marinated steak tips over rice pilaf, chicken parmigiana with pasta, and baked schrod with potato and vegetables. Sit at a table, or at the huge, U-shaped bar, and enjoy.

A dozen different sandwiches, and juicy half-pound burgers, run $4.25-$4.75, served with French fries or cole slaw. Meat and seafood entrees claw their way onto your plate at prices ranging from $8.95 (for baked haddock, or two jumbo pork chops served with homemade applesauce) to $11.95, for an immense order of prime rib.

Most chicken entrees, such as teri-yaki and marsala, are $7.95; and all dinners come with your choice of soup or a salad, plus veggies. It’s almost enough to make any Cheapster burst into song but don’t do that on Thursdays and Saturdays, or you’ll upstage the DJ. Open seven days.

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