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India is geographically blessed with many features which makes it a truly unique country. It’s landscape is such it has almost all the different things that nature has to offer. It has the majestic Himalayas in the north, while it also has three waterbodies surrounding it from the three sides. It also has deserts which has its own charm.

Apart from that it has lots to offer from a tourism point of view. However, because of all these attractions there are somethings which are extremely rare and unique often gets ignored. One of the most underrated feature of India is its flora and fauna. The wide variety of animals and birds present in India and the different types of plants present here can be matched by very few places in the world. Yet, these features do not get the attention that it deserves.

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These are extremely underrated. The exotic locations, the places with the hills and the mountains and the brilliant art and architecture often overshadowes it. However, for animal lovers and thrill seekers these places are like paradise. One place which is a must visit for people while like thrilling experiences and are also fond of plants, animals and nature as a whole is the Ranthabhore National Park. This national park has been operational for many years now and is known to provide an experience which is unmatched. The biggest attraction of this place is definitely the safari here. Ranthabhore National Safari charges may not be much but one can be guaranteed that the experience will be a memorable one. Here all the information is provided about the safari at the Ranthabhore National Park.

How to Reach Ranthabhore

Reaching Ranthabhore National Park is not a big deal. It is well connected by different modes of transport. If one is traveling by plane then the nearest airport is the Jaipur International Airport. Taxi service in this part of the world is very efficient so one can book a taxi from the airport straight to the national park. When traveling by train the nearest railway station is the Sawai madhopur railway station, which is just 10kms away. It is also well connected by road. Several highways connect this place to various different states. So anyone who lives in the nearby areas of the Ranthabhore National Park can easily travel to this region by road.


The tiger safaris at the Ranthabhore National Park can provide a thrilling experience. One can feel the pulse of the jungle when traveling in the Jeeps. There are many agencies which provide excellent guidance in this park. One can witness these majestic beasts in all their glory. However, apart from the the Tigers one can also catch a glimpse of many other wild animals like the wild boars,Hyenas and Chittals. This park is also know to attract birds of different types. Hence, once there once should also do bird watching. All in all of a person is a nature or an animal lover, this safari will be a truly memorable experience.


The tourists to the Ranthabhore National Park has the option to see the wildlife like it should be. The best way to experience this park is by booking the luxurious tents. These tents offer all the comforts of the hotels but in a tent style. This way the tourist gets the best of both worlds. Additionally these tents also provides activities like bon fires which enhances the experience. Moreover the Ranthabhore National Park Safari charges and accomodation costs are not too high, which means that when an individual visits this place the value for money is high.

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