Exploring Marrakesh Morocco

Hey it is a beautiful day in Marrakech Morocco ivy, and I are getting ready to go out today we are planning to just explore the city, and kind of wander around, and see where things go gasps we had a lovely morning I woke up actually very early this morning hearing the call to prayer early in the morning, and it was just a really very serene peaceful here, and then I am woke up hearing the birds singing outside our our Bremen the riad, and we had breakfast yeah it’s just just. So so amazing here I really loved it.

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So can’t wait to go out, and explore yes Hey this is our beautiful breakfast everything is just like a picture here we are in the Bourbon market right now just shopping for a few things I got some jasmine surprises exploring all these shops now there are so many beautiful things here it’s really well made leather ivy, and I are back for a little bit just back at our riad, and gathering our things we booked some me tours for tomorrow, and next day. So we’ll be doing some exciting things then, and just dropping off a few things, and then just going back out, and exploring more of the city now we’re going to go to this restaurant that was recommended to us by a moroccan man that we met that sold us the tours. So we can go to that yeah have discovered another part of our riad that we didn’t know existed on the rooftop it’s really pretty very sunny up here, and you can look down on the courtyard. So beautiful there’s just beautiful things everywhere here Ivy, and I have come to another Terrace Cafe just having a quick cup of tea just having a great time wandering around Marrakesh, and such a great place. So many distractions as we’re walking, and a good way you Marrakesh behind me. So pretty up here everything is so pretty here, I’m really.

So happy, I’m so happy here I want to stay here, and live here, and stay here for the rest of my trip this cat has just come in late on IV with a no invitation from her. So adorable, and I are being a little crazy here, and then you’re Americans where I be is I don’t know, I’m not doing anything we’re trying to go back, and find our riad now, I’m really sure where it is fitting today called a prayer right now to know he can hear came up to the roof sunset love being up here the rooftop. So pretty ivy, and I are going to go to a hammam, and have a Moroccan sort of spa. So I think we’re going to go to that right now.

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