Hey everyone we’re in Whistler, and it’s 32 degrees it’s such a nice day there’s not a cloud in the sky we had a nice sleep until morning oh we needed at 11:20 yeah. So drew once he had himself to Starbucks we’re gonna hang around there, and yeah we walk around the village children around. So we’re just yeah I’d lost like, and it looks busy last time we were here it was freezing forward, and on the TRA now it’s cocked boss Mike was very busy. So we decided to head out to brandywine falls another ward fall, and it’s like a little a kilometer hike. So we’re gonna go check that out, and see if it’s not as busy. But yes.


So we just have to head out just 15 minutes out of Whistler to get there, and it’s a really nice walk, and apparently there might be some Meadows on the way sir we just arrived, and it’s only a kilometer walk to the Falls which we’re happy about. Because it is really hot and, I’m sure you’ve seen, and what we like when we need to hike somewhere we’re not the biggest hikers especially if there’s lots of hill do we doing the second by Kentucky I was the one who was complaining, I’m excited to see these Falls I love seeing waterfalls, and lights well we’ve enjoyed knows that now. Because I swear every day we’re like let’s go to this lake let’s go to this waterfall I know all about yeah we were just walking past the Falls, and we noticed that either a post or a probably a TV commercial that they will mean I was in heaven. Because I had all this camera gear that I want like the red, and a drone it was kind of cool. Because they’ll type groping across the waterfall our guess is deodorant or a hacker microfiber we don’t. But we’re just going to walk to a now we’re gonna go show drew around Hogsmeade let’s go you may 9, and you in my 82 BW we don’t know much plans now for the rest of the night. So I think we’re going to wrap up the post here.

So we have one more taking on whistling, I’m not too sure what we’re doing there for the plan anything yet Chelsea, and then on Monday we’re going to be driving back to the city to then spend one more night Randy the airport. Because then we find out somewhere flat somewhere new yeah. But thanks for reading guys.

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