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Hi everyone, in this post we are going to have a look at excursions in Mallorca. Top things to see, top things to do and top things to absolutely avoid on Majorca. On of the best shows on Mallorca has to be the Pirates Show. Its been around for decades and always had great reviews. Please know that it comes in 2 different versions.

One family version, and one for adults. The one you are seeing here on the screen is the adults version. This show can be found in the resort of Magaluf. If you are staying in Santa Ponsa or Palma Nova as well it is easy to get to with a taxi. If you’re coming from anywhere else on the islands then please make sure that you book your ticket before online since this show is often sold out. Simply follow the direction of Palma then follow Palma Nova Magaluf and take the exit in Magaluf. From there just follow the direction of the water park and there you will find the show. The pricing for the Pirates Show for kids is 34 euros (starting at 34 euros) at for the adults its 49 euros. If you wanna go to the more adult version then it also starts at 49 euros. Another great excursions and on the island is the Palma Aquarium.

And now at first you might think that an aquarium sounds a bit boring but there is a lot more things to do. There is also water fun and interactive things. So far I have not made it there but all my friends who have visited there and people I knew people, both tourists and people who live here on the island, have had nothing but good things to say about. The Palma Aquarium is located actually in Playa de Palma right next to El Arenal. So for any trip to Palma this would be a great excursion to include as well. The excursion is great and also is one of the cheaper ones. For adults you will only be paying 23 euros. Do know that adults can bring their children under three years old for free. For children from 4 to 12 the price is 14 euros. Another great show that has been around on the island for many years is Son Amar.

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It is a variety show offering dance, live singing, flamenco, magicians and many more surprises. This show is located near Soller but for any other resort island might feel like it is located in the middle of nowhere. That’s why it is best to go with an organised bus trip. The Son Amar show has a lot of pricing options. Some of them starting at 40 euros but going as high as 169 euros. This is because some of them will include champagne and dinner and many more things. If you want to see some of the more cultural things of Majorca, my best advice would be to organize your own little excursion. Rent a car and go see these things for yourself. Yes your tour guide will also offer you excursions to, most of the time, Valldemossa, Deia and Soller. but please know that in summer these excursions are overrun by tourists.

Thats why it’s better to get your own car. If the things are too crowded for you, you can just spend half an hour there and then continue your trip. If you are anyway seeing the west coast of Majorca, continue your trip to Cala San Vincente and do a little bit of cliff diving (be careful but it’s great fun) and finish your day off driving up the Cap de Formentor. The Western Water Park in Magaluf is by far one of the best. It’s also the newest one on Mallorca and offers a lot of thrilling rides but also shows and other things to see in the park. This help it avoid some of the big lines you might see in other water parks. If you’re staying in the resort of Santa Ponsa, Palma Nova or Magaluf, you can easily take a taxi there. If you are comming from anywhere else on the islandm then your best bet is to rent a car or go on an organised excursion. If you are renting a car then it’s just to take the exit in Magalluf and it’s about one kilometer from there. Prices are fair for 24 euros for adults, 16 euros for the kids and small kids even pay less.

Also know that there is a family pack for 77 euros and a friends pack for only 90. Do know that you will also need a little bit of money in the actual park for renting a locker if you won’t have a storage place and also for food and drinks. The Park of Katmandu actually I have not been to yet. But I have been to what was before called the House of Katmandu. And that was a whole lot of fun. And the house of Katmandu is is still there. But now they have added a lot of stuff. And if it is as good as the house of Katmandu (the stuff they have added on), then I can very much advice this one. Also the great thing about this excursion is that it is scalable. You can spend as much or as little money as you want and also as much or as little time as you want.

This is great for the people who are living near Palma, Magaluf, Palma Nova or Santa Ponsa because you don’t have to dedicate a whole day to the Park of Katmandu. You can be there half a day, a couple of hours or maybe even the whole day if you wish to do so. Also this park is a great way to end your excursion around Mallorca. If you’ve been sightseeing or you’ve been to Palma, this is a great last minute stop if you have any time left over. If you want to do so then just head in the direction of Palma Nova and also take that exit. Rancho grande is another one of those great excursions on Majorca. Its not only about horse riding, there are a lot more things to do. If you don’t know how to ride a horse you can also go on the Sangria wagon or for the kids of course thats gonna be the soda wagon. There is also a petting zoo, there is gonna be BBQ, line dancing, western music and a lot more things this. This excursion can be visited from all over the island of Majorca but I would specially advice them for the resorts of Pollensa, Can Picafort, Alcudia, Playa de Muro and Cala Ratjada.

Simply because it is located close by and the transfer time will be not long. For this excursion I would advice you to book directly on the website because they will be taking care of everything from pick up to drop off.. you’ll be taken care of. Be sceptical of any type of excursion that will take you to a factory or producer. Most of the time this can be pearl or leather but this can also be a whole lot of things. Yes you will be seeing something traditional but also many of these excursions or oriented towards selling you things. Was this post helpfull? Where there other excursions on Majorca I should have included in this list? Well then please let me know in the comments below. Please also check out the rest of my posts of Mallorca..

I got a whole list of them.. and all of them are designed to make your holiday on Mallorca even better.

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