Exterior Home Improvement Projects You Shouldn’t Ignore

The presence of the exterior of your home is what everyone notices first. You aren’t the only one that will judge the outside appearance of your home, neighbors, and visitors will work as well. There are a few home improvement projects you should have done to maintain the exterior to look its best. Many of these projects can be done as a DIY weekend project, or be done by a handyman for a cost-effective less time-consuming approach.

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Pressure Washing

Pressure washing the majority of exterior surfaces of your home greatly improves its appearance. In damp areas, mold can grow on siding, roof and other features leaving an unsightly green tinge. Sidewalks and driveways can also become dirty due to spills and repeated rain and dirt buildup. Pressure washing quickly removes stubborn stains and eliminates mildew that has developed. Most professionals opt for using a gas-powered device to achieve the best results. However, electric units can work well for jobs that aren’t as challenging.
Pruning Trees

Pruning your trees is not only for appearance sake, but it also helps keep your trees healthy. When your mature trees are pruned, sunlight can reach lower branches which are needed. However, most decide to have their trees taken care of because they can cause damage to their homes. If they located too close to the house, it could start interfering with the structure. The possibility of limbs falling on the roof and causing issues is undoubtedly higher when limbs aren’t trimmed.
Dry Rot Repair

Dry rot is plain unsightly. Wood rot doesn’t increase the value of your home, and in most cases draw attention away from features you want to show off. Dry rot can also be a dangerous situation if located in a supporting structure. For instance, the roof line is constructed from wood, and gutters are typically attached. When the wood starts rotting the gutter will no longer be as secure and can fall. Gutters are needed to remove water away from the house. So correcting dry rot when noticed is essential. http://www.sacramentohandyman.com/blog/dry-rot-repair-rocklin-ca/ offers a few handy tips on what to do if your home has dry rot present.

Keeping the exterior features of your home looking fantastic can improve its value, and give you a sense of pride in your home. Hiring a professional for any of these services is a great way to reduce the stress of getting them done and allow you time to do other things you love.

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