Fishing: Yellow Perch

Although yellow perch are the basis of a huge sport fishery in the midwest, most Maine anglers ignore these tasty panfish. Many lakes in southern and central Maine have yellow perch. Yellow perch are school fish, with year-classes staying together. Perch are easily taken on worms and small minnows. Ultralight spinning gear is preferred for open water fishing, and small metal jigs are used during the winter. Yellow perch bite well through the ice. Cooked, their flesh is white, flaky, and sweet.

Yellow perch spawn in late April, depositing their eggs on brush or blowdowns along the edges of ponds and lakes.

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Then, while Trevor and his ‘friend’ were preparing to kit up, the inshore lifeboat came alongside. The crew informed us that an unforeseen storm was imminent and asked if we would help in telling the other dive boats in the area to head for Seahouses harbour immediately. We agreed and set off for the Knavestone where we knew there were two small inflatable boats moored up with divers. As we approached we saw one of the boats was moored up about 20 metres off and south of the reef but that the other one, which had been milling around, had broken down and was drifting. They could not start the 15-hp outboard and the boat was perilously close to the Knavestone. The sea was horrendous and the huge rollers which built up over Whirl Rocks were crashing down onto and over the Knavestone. Their colleagues in the other boat had no quick release system and were having difficulty in retrieving the anchor. We moved in close to assist the boat with the engine problem, but suddenly the suction from the deep surging groundswell caught the little boat and pulled it onto the jagged rocks of the islet. One minute the Knavestone was high and dry and the next it was covered in two or three metres of foaming white water. There was nothing we could do in those conditions without seriously jeopardizing our own safety but then, without any warning, Clayton grabbed a rope and leapt across the bow dodger of my little RHIB towards the inflatable.

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