Shopping in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has a lively shopping, dining and nightlife experience and it will always have something
to offer to all types of tourists. Whether you’re looking for vintage items, souvenirs or designer
labels, shopping in Puerto Rico will always be a breeze. Add to that the fact that Puerto Rico is a US
territory so people don’t have to tax their purchases.

Dining in Puerto Rico will always be a gastronomic experience. It offers a slew of food
establishments, restaurants, cafes and stand-alone stalls with various local Puerto Rican and
international cuisines. Nightlife is likewise marvelous with the territory dotted with pubs, taverns and
bars for a night of fun and entertainment.

When it comes to shopping, Puerto Rico’s capital almost always comes top of mind. It is a vigorous
shopping area laden with shops selling various stuff: from laces, grotesque masks to religious
figurines (santos). Since this is the capital city, the endless flow of people arriving and leaving make
it a smart place for shopping both for tourists and the locals.

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