Gateway Crafts US Map & Phone & Address

Gateway Crafts US Map & Phone & Address

62 Harvard St. Brookline; (617)734-1577

Gateway Crafts is a combination workshop and store, humming with activity and sparkling with handmade jewelry and ceramics. It’s part of a state-funded program for the develop-mentally disabled, who create these wares and get the satisfaction of seeing them sold (as well as a portion of the profits). The designs are sophisticated, colorful, and often spiced with a sense of humor.

On top of all that, the prices are terrific. Bead necklaces, strung with offbeat shapes, start from just $12; funky collage pins, in iridescent colors, are $7. Put one on your dress or lapel these eye-catching works could easily have come from a ritzy Soho boutique for twice as much.

Handsome chenille scarves, hand-loomed in the shop (you can watch these folks making them!) are attractively priced from $22. Same price for some rather whimsical wall clocks, and ceramic butter trays in the shapes of animals are $20. Hand-painted T-shirts are $10 to $15, and similarly decorated duffel bags for the gym, laundry, whatever are $12. Plus a large selection of terrific cards to go with these gifts, most under a dollar.

Recently, Gateway expanded its space and added an art gallery, showing works by other local artists. It’s an amazing place. Open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4:30 P.M. and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 3 pm.

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