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Berlin, as can be seen on the map, is deep inside another, unfriendly, country, the German Democratic Republic, popularly called East Germany. A major autobahn (superhighway) runs from Hanover, West Germany, all the way across East Germany, passing close to Berlin. Most North American tourists fly into Berlin. The well-known wall dividing Berlin from East Berlin is not a real barrier to tourists, most of whom visit East Berlin as day-trippers. Potsdam, the old Prussian capital, is interesting for its royal architecture. East Germany’s poulation is about seventeen million compared to West Germany’s sixty-two million. East Germany has the highest living standard of the Communist bloc. The Bach Festival in Leipzig, the Handel Festival in Halle and the Schumann Competition in Zwickau are international attractions in East Germany.

The many shipwrecks that happen in this navigation, are but Germany Metro Map too evident proofs of the truth of this, particularly the miscarriage of the last expedition against Canada Germany Metro Map . The channel is so difficult, and the tides so strong, that after their shipping get into the river, they never attempt to sail in the night, though the wind be fair, and the weather good.

These difficulties are so considerable, that the French never attempt above one voyage a year to Europe or the West Indies, though it be really nearer Europe than any of the English colonies, where the shipping that constantly use the trade, always make two voyages in the year.

The navigation between Quebec and Montreal is likewise very dangerous and difficult. The tide rises about eighteen or twenty feet at Quebec, which occasions so strong a stream, that a boat of six oars cannot make way against it; the river in many places very wide, and the channel at the same time narrow and crooked; there are many shelves and sunken rocks, so that the best pilots have been deceived; for which reasons vessels that carry goods to Montreal, are always obliged to anchor before night, though both wind and tide be fair. The flood goes no further than Trois Rivieres, half way to Montreal, and about ninety miles from Quebec.

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