Glimmingehus Castle

Glimmingehus, SW of Simrishamn, is one of the best preserved castles in Sweden. It was built in 1499 for the Danish admiral and privy councillor, Jens Holgersen Ulfstad. The architect was Adam van Duren, whose name is also associated with the building of Cologne and Lund cathedrals. The castle, which has remained unchanged since it was built, was both a residence and a stronghold and is surrounded by a moat. It is referred to in Selma Lagerlof’s Wonderful Journey of Little Nils Holgersson. Acquired by the state in 1 924, it is now open to the public.

Trelleborg (pop. 25,000; Stadshotellet, 74 Standard, 38 b.), founded in the 12th c. owed its prosperity in the Middle Ages to the abundant supplies of herring in the Baltic. In 1 61 9, it lost its municipal charter to Malmo, but recovered it in 1865, following a revival of its trade. Development progressed with the construction of the town’s harbour and the coming ofthe railway. In 1 875, Trelleborg was linked to the Swedish railway system by the construction of a line from Lund; in 1 897, it was connected to the mainland of Europe by the establishment of a ferry service to Sassnitz on the island of Rugen. A ferry connection was later established with Travemunde, near Lubeck.

In the oldest part of the town, the medieval street plan has been partly preserved. The church, originally dating from around 1250, was almost completely rebuilt at the end ofthe 19th c. Near the church, and in Gamla Torget, some of the old houses, each containing a single dwelling, have been preserved. Foundations of the 13th c. church of the Franciscan friary which stood in Gamla Torget were excavated in 1932. The Municipal Museum is housed in Skyttsgarden. The Ebbe Flail (1935) is in the Municipal Park. The Hall houses a collection of works by the sculptor, Axel Ebbe (1868-1941). In Stortorget is the Sea Serpent Fountain, by Ebbe. Nearby stands the 58 m (190 ft) high Water-tower (by Tengbom, 1912).

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