Cooper going tell, you all a China Great Wall of China snow November whole winter odd step out as a lovely tube in the bottom, but that why should, you pay for it meeting true dollars no, you pay 20 years, it’s like. I was like -. I used to the voice how much did, you want for it 150.

GREAT WALL of CHINA Photo Gallery

I was like this has worth 20 bucks where yeah the Great Wall of China. And really all, you see right now is a wall, it’s very, it’s um, it’s very cold here. And as, you can see there’s a lot of snow here right now.

So yeah means you’re not a true man if you haven’t climbed the Great Wall of China oh not pretty any cooler. And it was a bit warmer how, you feeling how, you great well crazy ah, this is quite a hike up actually silver the wall, it’s a lot smaller than. I thought it would be like, it’s it’s rather narrow.

And there’s like there’s there’s lots of like steps. And stuff which are very they’re very shallow steps. And the entrance maze here I’ll show, you guys feel are having way too much fun with snowballs right now there we go see they’re kind of they’re really short like if you are a taller man, you probably wouldn’t be able to fit in these efforts ways.

So that’s kind of cool, you can kind of see see long continuing growing up rhythms fogs trying to clear, but not very good yeah right now what’s the great wall Christie’s amazing it was. So great. So great baby.

We’ll see okay back on downs I’ll arrive alright bye there’s something interesting, but out of that kids. ?

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