Green Fitness and Eating More Fruit and Veg on Travel


Thank you for your brilliant article ‘Yes, you can tri’ (June issue). I am a keen runner but I’ve been looking to increase my stamina and endurance, and do a triathlon. I didn’t know how to do one, and I didn’t know anyone who had done one. I thought they were for insane athlete types. But after reading your article, I realised I was more than capable. Triathlons are NOT just for Lance Armstrong look-a-likes and genetically-enhanced humans who’ve trained for years! So I’m following your advice and setting goals for myself. I am going to stop reading and start training. Wish me luck, and thank you H&F! Paula Maddocks, Hertfordshire.

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Your article ‘Meet the Eco Athletes’ (June issue) was inspiring. The three women you featured as they follow their outdoor fitness passion while caring for the environment – cleaning up their communities, taking part in marine research, promoting low-impact tourism – are to be admired. I myself am a huge fan of Yao Ming, an NBA superstar who has put everything into bringing an attitude change about conservation. China being the world’s largest importer of illegal wildlife products, Yao has used his celebrity status to denounce animal poaching and call for an end to shark-fin soup, a traditional Chinese delicacy. We could all take a leaf out of these peoples’ books. We need to take better care of the world we live in. Leonie Heckman, North Wales.


Easy Ways to Smash Your 10-A-Day’ (June issue) has been a great help to me. I used to struggle with 5-A-day, never mind 10. But I now know that people who regularly eat 800g of fruit and veg a day (10 portions) have significantly lower risks of chronic diseases, such as heart disease. Ten portions of fruit and veg used to seem an impossible amount – but your guidelines have proved this isn’t the case. Thank you. Daisy Truby, Hertfordshire.

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