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89 Winthrop St. Cambridge; (617) 491-1160 A longtime Harvard Square favorite, Grendel’s is known for its innovative food, awesome salad bar, and good selection of vegetarian dishes. Everything on Grendel’s salad bar looks so healthy and tasty that you’ll pile your plate perilously high. It’s $3.95 for a small salad or $6.95 for a large; order a main dish with the salad bar, and these prices are reduced by a buck each.

Appetizers include chicken or chorizo (sausage) quesadillas, each $5.95. Continuing your tour of the world’s kitchens, try the Greek lamb and beef moussaka, a Middle Eastern chicken shish kebab, or a calamari and pasta dish, each just $6.95. Vegetarians are treated very well here: Choose from eggplant Parmesan ($6.95), alu chole from India (a stew of curried chick peas, tomatoes, and potatoes, $5.95) or one of many other options.

Grendel’s displays creativity even in its sandwiches and lighter fare.

You can get a baguette stuffed with turkey, Havarti cheese and pesto sauce (bet you’ve never heard that one before) for $4.75. And a most unusual fresh strawberry omelette intrigued Mine ($5.50). Finish up with delights like mocha cake or peach pie (both $3.25). On a sunny day, you can eat alfresco and soak up the unique atmosphere of the Square.

The Den is open from 11 a.m. to 11 P.M. Sundays through Thursdays; Fridays and Saturdays, until midnight

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