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For Kyle and Renee’s wedding photos, we experienced the Pacifc island of Guam’s varied landscapes: We swam in the clear ocean and went down into a cave, then finished the session along the island’s famous limestone clifs. They’re an adventurous couple who love having fun together hiking, exploring and taking advantage of all the world has to ofer. To get to this spot, we drove down a remote, narrow road on the other side of the island. Once there, we walked along a dirt path through the jungle to a secluded cave.

Then we headed of to catch the last moments of sunset from the clif line along the northern peninsula, where the ocean stretched endlessly before us. The site is almost indescribable: Green vines cover rolling hillsides, and as the sun cast a golden glow, the only thing you could see was blue and green for miles and miles. It felt like Kyle and Renee were the only people on Earth at that moment. The magic of this place took our breath away.

Now that you’re rocking the ring, it’s time to assemble your personal team of wedding pros. First things first: Hire a planner. No matter how organized or detailed you are, a wedding planner will pay for herself from the money she’ll save you by knowing the best vendors to the stress she’ll alleviate from day one. Destination planners know the terrain, speak the language and can navigate your locale’s culture. Choosing the right photographer is also key: Once your big day is over, your photos will be the most valued keepsakes to remind you of your experience in paradise. Here are vendors seasoned in planning from afar find the right one so you can get hitched without a hitch.

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