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Governor of that province a gentleman who has long signalized himself Harare Metro Map as a patron of religion and learning, praying His Majesty’s grant of a charter for Harare Metro Map the establishment of a public seminary of literature in New Jersey.

His Excellency, with the approbation of the council and attorney general of the said province, was pleased to comply with their request; and ordered a charter to pass the seals, incorporating sundry gentlemen, to the number of twenty-three, by the name of the Trustees of the College of New Jersey Princeton; and appointing the governor of New Jersey, for the time being, who is His Majesty’s representative, to act as their president when convened. This charter places the society upon the most catholic foundation all Protestants of every denomination who are loyal subjects to Our Most Gracious Sovereign the happy effects of whose mild and equal administration the remotest colonies of the British empire sensibly experience and gratefully acknowledge are admitted to the enjoyment of all its privileges and allowed the unlimited exercise of their religion.

The trustees, thus authorized with ample powers for the execution of this laudable design, in conformity to the plan of their charter, applied themselves with the utmost deliberation to form and enact such rules and orders for the regulation of the methods of instruction and conduct of the students as might tend to prevent the entrance of vice into the society, and the introduction of idleness, vanity, and extravagant expenses among its members. It would be repugnant to the design of a general narrative, as well as impertinent to the reader, to enter into a minute detail of these several private regulations. It will suffice to say that the two principal objects the trustees had in view were science and religion.

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