Harvard University Observatory US Map & Phone & Address

60 Garden St. Cambridge; (617) 495-7461

Another place where you can ascend to the heavens and leave earthly bounds behind. The Harvard-Smith-sonian Center for Astrophysics presents a formal 45-minute program on the third Thursday of each month.

There’s a lecture and film at 8 P.M. and then telescope viewing at 9 pm. Get there by 7:45 p.m. since the seats for the lecture are limited. Again, be sure to call ahead if the day’s weather is in doubt (in Boston, when isn’t it?).

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There was really no need for a tunnel, but the 18th-century industrialist William Forbes, who had bought Callendar House (forfeited from the Jacobite Livingstons) objected to the proposed route, as it would be in view from the palatial chateau he was making out of the old house. The building and its parklands now belong to Falkirk Council and there’s a good stretch of the Antonine Wall’s vallum (ditch) visible in the park. The park can be reached from Falkirk High railway station, described at the end of this chapter. The 690-yard (631m) tunnel through Prospect Hill was quite a construction feat when you realise it was cut by navvies working with horses at best – and none of today’s power tools. Three shafts were sunk so the tunnel could have several work faces operating at once. It was feet (5.5m) wide (13ft of waterway, 5ft of towpath) and a bit more in height (6ft of water, 12ft clearance, total 19ft/6m). e tunnel is lit but still has a somewhat spooky atmosphere. ere is a sturdy handrail for safety. Where water runs down the walls or drips from the roof some beautiful formations have been created.

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