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Remember the Hindi movie Queen wherein the protagonist Rani (played by Kangana Ranaut), bunks down in a hostel in Amsterdam? For the youth, hostels can not only be fun way to travel and meet new friends across the globe, but are also an excellent way to travel economically. You can search for and book your accommodation in over 4000 hostels over the world by going to Hostelling International (HI) website. Hostelling International (HI), formerly known as International Youth Hostel Federation (IYHF), is the federation of more than 70 National Youth Hostel Associations in more than 80 countries which have over 4,000 affiliated hostels around the world. HI is a nongovernmental, not-for-profit organisation working closely with UNESCO and the World Tourism Organisation UNWTO. HI has also been identified as the sixth largest provider of travel accommodation in the world. The advantage of membership with HI is discounts at the hostels as also discounts and free entries to various attractions and events. Being a member gives you at least a 10% saving on the cost of your accommodation. In some countries membership is compulsory if you wish to stay in HI hostels listed on their site.

How to Become an HI Member

You can obtain a membership from your nearest HI Youth Hostel Association office or membership selling outlet before you start your trip. You can also get an international membership when you arrive at an HI hostel outside India. To check the price and availability of membership on arrival, please contact the hostel direct via email or phone. Alternatively, you can purchase a 12-month eMembership during the online booking process with your hostel stay. The eMembership entitles you to stay in any HI hostel and receive at least 10% discount on stay charges as compared to a nonmember.

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So, this concludes the first chapter on tools you will need to hack travel. Get them before you go any further while booking your trip. Except for the credit cards and the International Identity Cards (if applicable), airline and hotel loyalty membership can be obtained instantly by applying for them online. And yes, save the account details like membership number, passwords / PIN etc. somewhere safe and accessible quickly.

Exercise 1

Okay, in this exercise, I have included my chosen credit card i.e. Citibank Premier Miles, which is a Platinum card, as an example. You should enter the details of your chosen card if different. Please, note that these are conservative estimates. Your mileage earnings may vary as per your expenditure. You should also factor in the membership of your airline frequent flyer program and hotel loyalty programs (more on these two aspects later).

Citibank Premier Miles Your Choice of Card

You got the Credit Card (Welcome 10000 points or miles)

Buying Air Tickets worth Rs 40000 [in a Year)

4000 [10 rrnles per Rs 100 spent)

Other expenses per year at regular mileage accrual Rs 2,00,000

8000 [4 miles per Rs. 100 spent)

Other expenses per year at double mileage accrual Rs 1,00,000

SOOO (8 miles per Rs. 100 spent)

Total Miles Earned in a Year 30,000

Points earned in the year redeemed for ONE free flight (these are based on mileage calculators on respective airline websites)

– Mumbai to Singapore One-Way (Air India)

– Bangalore to Dubai Return (Air Indra)

– Mumbai to London OneWay on British Airways

Points redeemed for ONE free Hotel Stay Earned

1 Premier Mile – 1.5 Hilton HHonors Points

30000 PM = 45000 HHonora

4 Nights at Hilton Kuala Lumpur or 2 Nights at Hilton Cape Town or 9 Nights at Hifton Goa

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