Hey lipstick Germany hey guys. And gals hello. I am so excited for our meal today. So we are at goodies cafe which is in vegan which is like a whole huge vegan supermarket right now a vegan supermarket what we have in store for breakfast Kristin oh my god okay pretzel bagel cradles with its cheeseburger a cheeseburger pretzel bagel look at it beef there’s like watch all vegan incredible this looks phenomenal turmeric. And ginger.

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So good for, you to make lotsa no caffeine that right no caffeine my price lebay go doesn’t look nearly as, you know nearly as as large as yours. I have a slightly smaller residence burger what. I’m going to it, but this one is the satay pretzel burger lettuce oh oh that makes sense now, it’s a satay burger peanuts.

So, it’s like peanuts pretzels tofu yumminess. And sooo good soup. And then another tumeric latte hi earlier.

So. I’m getting the well you’re giving it a try beautiful, it’s busy. I put something out behind me.

And as a speaker. I would sit my finger in your coffee bhana Bon Appetit. I mean what do, you say for in Germany, you don’t see bra Appetit what do, you say what do they feel like whoops.

And Appetit guten Appetit nasty, but holy crap delicious she’s burger pretzel peanutbutter bagel to the extreme be naughty sauce on a bagel oh hell bow at lunchtime. I’m like. I’m like.

I’m like okay. I’m interested we’ve got a German couriers oh yes let me enjoy my career s take a look at that okay, you would never, you could never tell. So that’s vegan no.

I mean walk, it’s not really about buried all, but what’s the best partnership between even that’s the best part means amazing the cute little fry packages vegan Mayo, you know what’s really nice is being in a country. And even as a vegan being able to eat the condition yes, it’s a real treat that’s a lot of ketchup. And that’s a lot of mayonnaise we are having rare, but not donors vegan no there on the side what, it’s like a garlic garlic, it’s like shredded cabbage onion on the bread this one is a garlic.

I got like a garlic one with a cheese sauce bone air on there and So excited Ethan actually have been impressed with all the vegan food here German let me know that left them is the vegan capital in Germany like it there’s the most vegan restaurants a lot of places or places that have a lot of the offices very happy very happy here in Germany you’re gonna enjoy. And there SIA.

And everyone else also a driver. I will probably not finish this, but if. I do it neatly.

And trick me to be there all the German meet we’ve had a foamy tap out, you have defeated me bone there, but next time for next time. ?

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