Imperial Restaurant US Map & Phone & Address

238 Harvard St. Brookline; (617) 731-3322


Just below Coolidge Comer, the Imperial looks like just another pizza and sub shop. However, in addition to great Italian pizza (crispy thin-crust and Sicilian), calzones, and sandwiches, they serve up hot plates of wonderful, fresh pasta for only a few bucks.

It’s simply the basics here: spaghetti, ziti, ravioli, and manicotti, smothered in marinara sauce, and also lasagna. You get a huge, filling plate along with great-smelling, warm Italian bread. The pasta dishes all start at $3.25, whether you order spaghetti, ziti, or cheese-filled ravioli. Add sausage for 500 more; or a pair of meatballs the size of tennis balls for a dollar. The manicotti plate is $4, and lasagna tops the menu at $4.50 for a heaping slab.

Nightly specials, from 5 P.M. until midnight, offer more delicious bargains. It’s really a bit of the North End in Brookline.

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