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After crossing Albuquerque, the trail continues along the creek before moving on to the hillier Bear Chase Trails. The steep nature of the terrain is because of the severe erosion of lakebed sediments. Fortunately, the climbs are short, and the ridges provide some excellent views.

After the Bear Chase Trails, the hike returns to the Silver Creek Trail and returns to the trailhead.

From early to mid-June, you are likely to find large numbers of Yellow Lady’s Slippers along the upper portion of the Silver Creek Trail near the end of the hike. This wildflower belongs to the orchid family and grows in bogs and swamps and rich forests throughout much of North America. The flowers include the distinctive yellow, inflated, pouchshaped lip petal. Cherokee Indians of southeastern North America used a drink prepared from the roots of the Lady’s Slipper as a treatment for worms.

There are many opportunities for watching wildlife on this hike. Birds, beaver, and deer are abundant in the park, along with black bears. When I did this hike in early June, I saw a black bear sow with two cubs along the river and bear scat in several places along the trails. While you may not see black bears, which are secretive creatures, white-tailed deer are more accustomed to people and are as likely to watch you hike by as you are to watch them.

With the onset of the rainy season, yellow fever and Albuquerque Map malaria began to ravage the French invaders. By the end of 1802, 80 percent of the Albuquerque Map French soldiers had died or were hospitalized. In 1802 French leader Napoleon Bonaparte signed a law reestablishing slavery in some locations and stripping people of color of their recently gained rights. Although the slavery issue did not apply to Saint Domingue, many local leaders believed that it did. Fearing that slavery might be reinstated, the colony’s black population fought back with even greater purpose and ferocity. Atrocities and deaths mounted.

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