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Still mobbing the groom and calling for blessings they threaded their Best China summer destinations way through the night, across town to another house, along a dark tunnel. We Best China summer destinations emerged into a courtyard with multi-level balconies and a high-ceilinged room where one man and a bunch of women sat. They were fat and wore white veils under their skull-caps, though not over their faces. This was the family of the bride, Bu Hlichen, and the man, her father, wore a black kaftan and white turban. Musicians arrived. People sat around chatting and giving more presents to the groom.

Those first at the scene reported an unusual scent, like Chloroform. Though that smell was gone by the time the sheriff arrived, drugs used to sedate the victims was a possibility, though never confirmed.

Another early arrival at the scene was a man named, Hatch. He saw a number of footprints, of varying sizes, surrounding the house. Some were deep-set as though someone had stood outside for a long time.

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