Important Tips for Travelling With a Gun Legally in the US

In this free and beautiful country of ours we have been given the right to own and carry firearms. Some people own them for sport, and many people now own them for self defense.

There are now more and more states establishing concealed carry laws every year and an increasing number of states will honor each other’s CCW licenses. With the volume of firearm owners on the rise and the need for travelling with guns a necessity, here are three great tips on travelling with your firearms in compliance with the law.

Tip #1: Understand the law

→Federal laws do not prohibit the transportation of firearms by individuals that are legally allowed to own and acquire them.

Important Tips for Travelling With a Gun Legally in the US Photo Gallery

→State and local laws vary, and it is a person’s responsibility to educate themselves on the laws in the places they will be travelling to and through.

Tip #2: Travelling in your vehicle

►Firearms must be unloaded when transported in a vehicle.

►Firearms should be kept in the glove compartment, trunk, a locked box, or otherwise inaccessible to the driver.

►Ammunition must be stored separate from the firearm.

Please acknowledge that with CCW permits, all state and local governments have different laws regarding carrying a concealed weapon on their person or while driving in their vehicle. To absolutely make sure that you are in compliance, you should keep all firearms in gun safe boxes that can be found in the Champion Gun Safes Line.

Tip #3: Travelling by commercial aircraft

►All firearms must be unloaded and stored in a hard sided locked container.

►Firearms must be checked in as luggage.

►All firearms and ammunition must be declared orally or in writing depending on the policy of the air carrier.

Gun laws are very serious and to protect your gun privileges as a citizen, we all must be responsible when travelling or transporting firearms. All of this information and other important details can be found at or by contacting state and local offices.

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