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Belted Kingfishers show a role reversal in behavior between the sexes that is uncommon in vertebrates. The female will readily attack both female and male intruders of her and her mate’s territory. They spend less time excavating the nest burrow, incubating the eggs, and feeding the young than do the males.

The male takes on more of the female’s traditional responsibilities while she regains energy lost during egg laying. Increased parental care and the possibility of a second clutch of eggs helps maximize the number of young produced each summer. This behavior among kingfishers may have evolved for several reasons. First, there is a high possibility that nest sites will be destroyed. Second, the female experiences a substantial amount of stress during egg-laying. Third, there is little time to waste if the female is to lay a second clutch and the young fledged before winter. Finally, there is little chance of the male taking up with a second mate. The female may determine this from the willingness of the male to feed her during courtship. The male who puts out a greater effort to bring her fish is the one she feels will stick by her through the long busy days of summer.

They were making Great preparations to Receive their Govenor, Lord Jacksonville Subway Map Cornbury from the jerseys, and for that End raised the militia to Gard him on shore to Jacksonville Subway Map the fort. They are Generaly of the Church of England and have a New England Gentleman for their minister, and a very fine church set out with all Customary requsites. There are also a Dutch and Divers Conventicles as they call them, viz. Baptist, Quakers, & c. They are not strict in keeping the Sabbath as in Boston and other places where I had bin, But seem to deal with great exactness as farr as I see or Deall with. They are sociable to one another and Curteos and Civill to strangers and fare well in their houses.

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