Jeddah Subway Map

Its building dates back to 1481 and has served as a Jeddah Subway Map saddler, barber, wigmaker, stationer, sweetshop and greengrocer. One of its specialities, which Jeddah Subway Map I suspect may not have survived the recent change of ownership, used to be a delightful confection known as ‘No Cook Chocolate Cake’! Follow Damers Bridge, passing the United Reformed Church which is on the left, and soon you find yourself back at Golden Square. Note Avenings opposite the United Reformed Church on Golden Square, which dates back to 1770.

Turn right, passing a traditional butchers’ shop which offers such delights as haggis, Scottish black pudding and mealy white pudding, and then bear right into a courtyard with a modern shopping complex which includes a lovely delicatessen on the left-hand side. You emerge into the car park to conclude your walk. It is then that the compactness of Petworth becomes a distinct advantage; it will take you just a few minutes, if that, to stroll back to the Tourist Information Office to find out how many hours – or days – you will have to wait for the bus home.

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