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On arrival at the neck of East Head, there is Kansas City Map another choice to be made: you could simply go straight ahead, up on to the bank Kansas City Map , and turn left to follow the shore, omitting East Head altogether. But the recommended route proceeds on to the spit, following a really excellent sandy path along its southeastern edge. East Head is a huge spit of sand, which, like Ella Nore, has been formed and shaped by the surrounding seas.

As recently as the eighteenth century the spit pointed south-westwards out into the Solent, and the entrance into Chichester Harbour from the Solent was just 300 yards wide, but now the spit points north-eastwards, slightly away from the sea. In 1966 the spit was taken over by the National Trust, who planted marram grass among the dunes to prevent the sea washing them away, and it remains an important area for certain birds and plants. Feathered visitors in winter include the dunlin, sanderling, grey plover, godwit, brent goose and teal, but at any time of year you might see a blackheaded gull, redshank, cormorant, heron, mallard and oystercatcher.

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