How to Keep Your Home in Top Shape While Travelling

There’s nothing quite like getting a break from your daily routine and hectic lifestyle. Planning a getaway can help you take a step back and enjoy life to its fullest. However, before you head out on your vacation there are a few things you should take care of.


Whether you’re heading out to the beach or on a hiking adventure you’ll need to ensure your home is in top shape first. From taking care of the plants to ensuring cleanliness inside, you need to set things straight before your getaway. To make sure you’re all set for your vacation here are some top tips to keep in mind.

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Tend to The Garden


If you have a yard filled with beautiful flowers and baby plants, leaving them unsupervised can kill them. You don’t want to return to a bunch of wilted plants. To ensure your plants are in excellent condition before you leave, hire a gardener in London or your local area. While you’re away they can come and water, fertilise and prune your plants. That way when you get home you can enjoy your garden in perfect condition.


Tidy up


No one wants to come back to a messy house. Before you leave, tidy up your home. Do the dishes and take care of any laundry that might be piling up. You’ll appreciate how clean your home is when you return from your holiday.


Have Someone Come to Collect Your Mail


Coming back to a house that has mail spread all over your front step or sticking out your mailbox can be quite a nightmare. It can also be a safety hazard if it is left in a visible area. If your house has mail everywhere on your front step it is a sure sign to any potential burglars that you are away.


To prevent yourself from losing any important documents or letting any burglars know you aren’t home, talk to a friend or neighbour. Find out if they wouldn’t mind stopping by and collecting your mail for you and keeping it until you get home.


Set Your Lights on a Timer


An empty house is an open invitation to thieves and burglars. From cash to jewelry, if your house is filled with important and expensive items then it is a good idea to set timers on your lights. This can help to provide the impression that there is still someone home even when you’re away. This can then help deter any burglars.


Have a Friend Stop by to Look in on Your House


Before you leave, ask a trusted friend or a neighbor to keep a close eye on your house. Even stopping by once or twice a week can show that there is still someone present around the place. It’s always best to be extra cautious when it comes to protecting your house.

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