Kenya Subway Map

As mentioned earlier, the basement is an enormous labyrinth of halls and rooms. To get our bearing and also for baseline EMF and temperature readings we went through each area one more time.

While in the base station area we discovered something that drew our attention and fueled our imaginations. Behind a door, near the room used for poker, there were stairs. They led to a wall. Being courageous, Lorena climb to the top. Peaking through a slit in the wall she saw a small room behind the stairs. After careful examination, we think we may have found a locked door leading to the room. Still, we were fascinated by the stairs that led nowhere. Is it possible those stairs were used for special guests coming down to play cards, during prohibition? That’s still a mystery to us.

Lorena checking a sealed-off room at the top of the forgotten staircase.

The first place revisited was a hallway that seemed very oppressive to everyone earlier. Kat and I felt dizzy and members of Hauntings could feel a tension, nausea and discomfort. Was this a spirit or not? We soon understood those feelings. Electrical wiring in this area of the basement created very high EMF levels. High EMF can often make people feel ill, light headed and create feelings of paranoia. Nothing supernatural here.

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