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And this is to be desired the rather, because many Khartoum Map People knowing the Abilities of those Gentlemen to manage a good Cause, are apt to construe their Khartoum Map Silence in This, as an Argument of a bad One.

Had any Thing of that Kind ever yet appeared, perhaps I should not have given the Publick this Trouble: But as those ingenious Gentlemen have not yet and I doubt never will think it worth their Concern to enlighten the Minds of their erring Countrymen in this Particular, I think it would be highly commendable in every one of us, more fully to bend our Minds to the Study of What is the true Interest of PENNSYLVANIA; whereby we may be enabled, not only to reason pertinently with one another; but, if Occasion requires, to transmit Home such clear Representations, as must inevitably convince our Superiors of the Reasonableness and Integrity of our Designs. B. F. Philadelphia, April 3, 1729. Source: Andrew MacFarland Davis, Colonial Currency Reprints, 16821751, Vol.

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