Within sight of the mainland are the macchia thickets and slender cypress trees of Korcula. Marco Polo was bom here, among sacred monuments and churches dating from the time of the Apostles. The Festival of Sword Dances clangs into town July-Aug. (60kn; tickets available at tourist office). Buses from Korcula board a ferry to the mainland and head to: Dubrovnik (3!2hr. daily, 75kn); Sarajevo (6V&hr. 4 per week, 145kn); Split (5hr. daily, 90kn); and Zagreb (ll-13hr. daily, 209kn). Ferries run to Dubrovnik (.3’Ahi. 5 per week, 64kn) and Split (4hr. daily, 74kn). To reach the tourist office, face the water and walk left around the peninsula to Hotel Korcula; the office is next door. (Open M-Sa 8am-3pm and 5-9pm, Su 9am-lpm.) Private rooms are the only budget lodgings available; shopping around is a good idea. Marko Polo, Biline 5, can also arrange rooms. (71 54 00; www.korcula.com. Singles 87-150kn; doubles 210-263kn. Open daily 8am-9pm.) DlAdio Mare , Marka Pola bb, serves authentic local specialties. (Entrees 40-80kn. Open M-Sa 5:30pm-midnight, Su 6pm-midnight.) Postal Code: 20260.

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