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The cultural processes of contemporary globalization are of particular interest in this collection. However, the cultural cannot be divorced from issues of the economy as today there is a conflation of economic and cultural frameworks by which the social is understood. Cultural production, including art, is inevitably connected to state and economic apparatus. Since the advent of the digital, the globalized world is an interconnected space of instant communications, consumer networks and financial patterns, in which local actions can have global effects. This brings the local and global into alliances unprecedented in previous centuries. In writing on cultural globalization in the late 1990s, globalization theorist John Tomlinson drew attention to the interlinking states that have come to characterize the twenty-first century:
I Impress. To compel a person to serve in a Kuwait Metro Map military force. The British Navy sometimes impressed sailors by picking up drunks at dockside bars, or Kuwait Metro Map by forcibly removing sailors from colonial ships to serve on its naval vessels. Infrastructure. Underlying base of an organization or system, especially the basic facilities and services necessary to the functioning of a community. These include communication, transportation, water supplies, sanitation, and public institutions such as schools, postal services, and prisons.

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