Longqi Wan Beach itself isn’t really worth a mention but its surroundings are what make it worthwhile.

The beach is only 1 km away from the Dapeng seafood street, a street of cheap seafood restaurants, and only 2 km from the ancient Dapeng Fort itself. This is one of our favorite ‘eat streets’ anywhere. If you’ve never eaten like this before, here’s the drill: You choose the fish from the market, negotiate the price and the restaurants cook it for you. It’s a Hakka area so there are several Hakka specialties offered by the restaurants. Make sure you try the sea urchins. We like to have it cooked into fried rice. In the roads around Longqi there are also several farm restaurants that serve local cuisine. They’re good and very popular with the locals on hot Sunday afternoons.

Just up the road from Longqi Wan Beach, perched like the eyrie of the giant peng or roc bird, which gives the Dapeng Peninsula its name, is the Longcheer Yacht club. You can’t visit it directly. It’s a private membership club. But its spectacular position and stunning modern architecture are worth a look and a sigh for what might be. The Club’s story, you could say, is very Shenzhen.

Longcheer was founded in 2000 as China’s first private yacht club. It offered over 600 wet and dry berths in its marina, restaurants, bars and all the things that a life of luxury expects. Good food and wines were dispensed to its members in spectacular but discreet surroundings. Beautiful and elegant women gave directions and kept the club running smoothly.

Its membership grew unspectacularly until, in 2006, it was the largest yacht club in China. But it did not appear to have been a great financial success. Then Vanke stepped in and took it over.


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