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Most of the destination weddings we celebrate in Los Cabos are on the beach. There are many advantages you get to hear the waves and have a beautiful, natural setting and a relaxed vibe. But realistically, if you’re trying to pull of a formal, long-gown type of atmosphere, the beach might not be for you.

We can build platforms, we can create a path, we can make sure guests are as comfortable as possible but at the end of the day, you’re on the sand! Embrace it, encourage guests to wear sandals, have fun, of er great cocktails. A couple of months ago, we had a formal Indian wedding in the Riviera Maya; we had close to 200 people wearing the most beautiful saris and sherwanis.

The couple really wanted their ceremony to be held on the sand, so we provided access from the hotel by placing a solid wooden pathway. (Jute mats work as well and are less expensive.) We also made sure the seating area was shaded, and we added refreshments, fans and parasols to keep everyone comfortable. At the end, you want guests to feel like you’re taking care of them.

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