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Munich – a metropolis with heart, flair and the very special charm. Munich, the capital of the Free State of Bavaria and with a total population of 1.3 million the third largest city of the Germany (after Berlin and Hamburg). It is also called ‘the secret capital of Germany7 or ‘the most beautiful city of Northern Italy7. Why is this city so attractive? Because of its sights, its compact city center, the closeness to the Alps, the southern flair, the beautiful women, the elegant shops, the southern way of life? – There is certainly a little bit of everything. Munich is a city which does not only attract foreigners but which is also loved by its inhabitants. It is the metropolis in the south of Germany: vibrant and exhilarsting, with magnificent buildings from the days of the Bavarian monarchy, a range of cultural activities of a high standard and its famous museums, it is the heart of the Bavarian zest for life. To put it into a nutshell, Munich can be described as the center of various attractions: It possesses a bounty of sights: numerous neoclassicist, Baroque, Rococo and Renaissance buildings, the futuristic architecture of the Olympia Sports Complex, the German Museum or the cheerful Viktualienmarkt (since 1807 the city’s central food market with enticing food stalls).

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