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good morning right now we’re walking through the town of Lillehammer which was home to the 94 pointer Olympic Games here in Norway something really open I’m gonna show you something good I’m so excited right now we’re getting ready to see some Bob studying and as you can see I am on Team Sweden we all have stopped the best so go Sweden we got a flag it’s pretty rockin looking good girls obviously Sweden is the best dress here there’s also some other people as Australia and Germany and took the race forward together alright so welcome you to LA well the news track this is where they held their and if it’s in 94 so you’ll be going down the exact track this is that man this is Thea they’re going to be your pilots for today that means they’re going to be steering and I’ll be in transportation moments.

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I’m going to go the car yes but first I have to say that it’s very important I don’t have or have had any back problems neck problems are a lung diseases or if you’re pregnant if you are any one of these things this is not suitable for you now that’s because the fact that you will experience 3 g-forces which is equivalent of three times your body weight which is going to push you down so you can have a back problem eat bike you know it could go wrong not quite the same as it or snow but still pretty awesome I can’t hear what it’s saying here it can’t hear myself yours isn’t as low it was in his low like like you could see your face isn’t really for device.

I was waiting for my naked body Oh for like grazes on that man leg us instantly oh my neck not my girl what whoa that’s her my leg getting slammed my legs didn’t get anything it was just my head but I was like that was amazing I did my play pretty sure it Lucy keeps weeded and it’s not winning this race forgive all those crazy odds a touch of snow for the first time no way for us to be right now so Norway they’re a big on foot board here not bailing everything’s Joe and trolls they believe that both live and Lance and every time you see a rock formation like that one right there is actually a troll that has well I got stunt crystallized by the sunlight because they they’re allergic to sunlight so when they step into it they’d get turned into sir because there’s tons and tons of these little like crop formations I suppose with trolls here right now we are making our way down to the guy fingers the Lord think I’m saying that right we’re going to take a little ferry ride over short.

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