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CRAZY DAY IN NYC What do you guys it’s nine o’clock, and we ended hitting out yesterday we got a comment from a Buick what Marie, and she said I lived in New York, and we needed someone to show us around, and we were like yes that would be amazing. So we are heading to Chinatown to go have dumplings with her, and then we’re gonna go, and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge with her, and then I watch a shot which will be awesome the money goes yes. So on the way to Chinatown we have got some stops we want to go see. So we’re gonna walk past a Grand Central Station, and some other photo spots it’s an Instagram photo. So yeah updated first I think the roof is the best fit alright guys.

Map of NYC Photo Gallery

So we just still making our way down to Chinatown we need a rush a little bit at 11:30. But we just saw the Empire State Building went up close we’re thinking this time to go up there at night you see a kind of a city yeah from above when it’s dark time we’ve been up there before when we came here last time, and now we’re just walking to the flat iron bridge to get a photo. Because I good as the bus tour is you know you can’t stop a few shots. So we’re gonna get there take a photo, and then quickly rush now guys we miscalculate at the time. So now we’re in a rush into Chinatown the subway in disgust me get there on time hopefully it’s not too hot to use the subway system hey guys. So we’re just walking through Chinatown, and we just had some very nice dumplings, and we caught up with Mari. But sorry we did pronounced wrong bringing in the post we said Marie.

But it’s Mari. So she’s also a as well we put a like a link description below go check her out. But we’re pretty much going to walk to Brooklyn Bridge bridge looks like we’re a little bit late to the right guy looks like it was fun than that yeah we’ll champions I mean you like taking it home now it’s like oh yeah now we just got to the Brooklyn Bridge I think we’re gonna stay here, and take some photographs attempt to there’s a lot of people on the bridge just an original lemonade classic lemonade good try yeah although she never had like this top of the money before ma beyond that’s so good for at the we just went over the Brooklyn Bridge, and we’re now at Brooklyn Bridge Park are we going to go, and take some shots at Dumbo I think the place is cool things, and shots at Dumbo since coming to New York this is like the number-one spot Steven to wanting to take his photo, and Mari has taken us there, and I can see it’s very excited to take a shot Brooklyn.

So across the bridge, and we’re in like a district or dominant once we’ll show you what it looks like, and it’s a very iconic product it is it is a very cool shop together, I’ll show you guys I’d watch the truck there, I’m gonna run in the middle if the interesting cuz a lot of people think that it’s a fighter puffin bridge, and we deter, and then Marie told us it’s actually a photo of the Manhattan Bridge little fun fact that’s the shop you want, and we’re gonna have to go into the middle of the very to take it did you get your shot Steven waiting for about 30 minutes. Because dislike baby photos really liked about the changes, and they had like a flick people would like to get the light ones which I did not help at all. But I did get much check it out on Instagram by Mario together again, and they’re also going to inspire us, and hopefully put up too tired yeah, and their cycle around Central pop tomorrow’s our last day New York. So I need to try, and get as much done as we can I really want to get those treatments lovely lovely the Sun stories we went out of five all right.

So the post is exporting, and we’ve come down to Central Park we have come here six years ago, and it looks the same then we’re going to show you around then I think we’re going to go, and hire out some bikes oh yeah give us a comment down below if you know the word show that’s right very popular New York changes schedule we’re going to do the Central Park cycling in tomorrow. But we’re gonna go down to Times Square am I going to verify it top of the wrong fingers at the top of the top of the rock, and really see the sunset clearly, I’m guessing the lies that beat along. So I feel like this is like a very like puppyland time to go to the top of the rock pile possible also something that we had last hour in New York was eat berries he is taking dirt a Pinkberry to try it out which is the craze in yoga places you never heard of it guys anything I’ve seen that before moving advertisement on the side of the bus that’s like iRobot stop right. But then again I wrote what doesn’t Harry Potter stuff to get 30 in a moment let us start to 840, and sunsets at we might just miss. But, I’m sure it’ll look nice yeah. Because we have an hour wait we’re going to go, and find this big berry what do you think about our plans wanna go I think I wanna get my very very you were right clear choice mysticum you come Oh keep their your furnace real guys the best flavor is the dairy-free mango with mangoes watermelon, and strawberry I got it a male copy I didn’t take long story guys I didn’t want to do the regret usually I always ordered differently to Jess. But I think I trust her on this one I haven’t tasted mine yet.

Because we pretty much has been quickly rushing back that they are are inter that’s good YUM it just looks like, I’m eating a mango it’s very good they’re quite a big chain, I’m sure there’s probably some maybe in your city if you guys had Pinkberry before, and you know the know super you reference, I’ll leave a comment below. So we’ve just got to Rockefeller, and we noticed that, and put some lights up on the trees it almost looks like snow it’s just like nestled on the trees all sorry juries watch tells us how many steps we’ve done today since we’ve done 33000 steps perspective a good day like a normal day that your interview every day you’ll notice him, I’ll see people all right let’s get to the top of this wrong. So guys what you see at the top that’s amazing you come from, I’ll check any from the viewers – sorry – little only my skin for you like a nice pink you from the sunsets very pretty, and then posted morning at the moment the American culture the views from the top of the rock is so incredible i really suggest coming up at sunset. Because then you get to see them high state-building old leadoff, and all the other really rebuilding slid up, and was really awesome. So highly recommend that one it is now like almost 10 o’clock, and we’re exhausted. So we’re just walking back to my room, and I thought Meisel in the post in the middle of New York City was I thought that would be cook, and do the globe not inside first five minutes alright guys to see you guys tomorrow you know last night New York City.

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