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The North West Company, a rival of the Hudson’s Bay Company since the late eighteenth century, finally merged with it in 1821. Owning or managing half of the territory of Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific, the monopoly at one time wielded phenomenal power. In 1869, the company sold this kingdom which measured thirty-three times the size of England to the newly formed Dominion of Canada for the sum of 300,000 pounds. limit women’s parkas are equipped with a large pouch in the back, in which they carry their babies.

It is glorious to see the herds of caribou coming from the forests and starting their migration north.

With a total population of 369,000 inhabitants Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city. It is situated on the River Limmat and at the lower north-western end of Lake Zurich. Zurich’s industries comprise the following branches: textiles, engineering and electrical equipment. It is an extremely important financial center (three of the five major Swiss banks have their head offices here). About a million tourists visit Zurich every year thus making it Switzerland’s number one tourist attraction. Bahnhofstrafie is one of Europe’s best-known and most elegant shopping streets.

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