To Zermatt I’m so excited to be up in the Swiss Alps exploring Cermak next two days because sir madam is home to the Matterhorn yes the Matterhorn the matter for them that you’re gonna learn all about, but first let me show, you around sir mad little town here the cute amazing right now we are in the oldest part of the Sarah Matt these are houses that date back to the 16th century.

So these are all all these buildings are protected the woods protected to the outside like in a lot of older historical places, you can’t change the outsides of the buildings, but, you can renovate the inside. And kind of update it what did, you order there met lamb ragout which is quite famous here. So honey dilemmas and.

MEDICALLY EVACUATED The MATTERHORN Zermatt Switzerland Photo Gallery

I’ve got myself a veggie potato roulade. So inside here these should be filled with something oh yeah yeah. So, it’s like filled there’s like a little potato roll.

And then fill with vegetables like a mashed potato, but, it’s a bit denser right now we are in the matter War Museum or sermon now let me go over a little bit of the history up to Matterhorn answer Mack for, you because, you might not know much. I mean, it’s not Disneyland guys now the Matterhorn as, you can see is a very special mountain it is been always regarded by the locals as something almost superstitious about it something special something mystical because, it’s just. So different than all the surrounding mountains.

So nobody really attempted to summit it on the 14th of July in 1865 it was eventually summited by a group of seven including London born Edward Whymper now here’s where the story gets tragic on the descent down all seven guys were secured via one rope remember, this is the 1800s. So they’re all attached to one rope. And then one of the guys in the bottom slits.

So suddenly all seven of them were hanging together on this one rope now one of the local guides there were two local guides with them they had to make an horrible executive decision to try. And save as many of the group members as possible. And we tied the rope around a rock.

And that eventually split the rope. And four of the members fell to their death it brought international media speculation. And because of that tragedy a lot of people started flocking to Zermatt.

And that is how the town is built up. And grew course now it is. I mean any kind of mountain climbing is still dangerous, but there are a lot of safe ways to climb.

And now it is absolutely an amazing place guys it is nuts outside right now there are some crazy thunderstorms rolling through the mountains at the moment. And it is just only. So we are gonna just kind of chill the hotel this rules this was know-how you’re mad rush this morning to try.

And get up the mountain before the wind comes. And it gets too strong because we are going paragliding site how stoked to be your first time your first time to test associate. So that’s the Italian side or is it kind of over the one, you see the whole edge oh yeah that’s Italy.

And then all of this side is Switzerland. So yeah. So you’re ready for this you’re looking pretty good in that jumpsuit first, you go first first first would be a beautiful slow motion of, you.

So if that stops running all right verdicts awesome point through all this and. I was like. I’m sitting in the chair in midair like, this is a little freaky amazing.

I couldn’t even think of a better place to go fair glad. I said. I was like what better place than zermatt to go paragliding, this is incredible like what more could, you ask for, you have ever known as amazing.

So good stopped off at are, you play, this is gonna crush which develops 3200 meters above sea level absolutely all the weather, it’s just being the best for us today thank, you weather because. I appreciate it weather very sir Matt where we started there is a town of Zermatt. And we took this trim all the way up up up to Quanah grads.

And that is where we are right now. And it is absolutely stunning as, you see old neck covering cloud mr. banner word or miss Matterhorn actually.

I don’t know if, it’s a he or she, but yeah whoo. I’m not okay is there a restroom her off that’s just been airlifted out the al-kahf there to go the hospital the doctors actually cuz he just bashed his leg on a pole that was sticking out one month later more like yeah. So, it’s about six weeks later six weeks back in Canada.

I end up being just a freak wing nut accident that sliced open the bottom of your got about eight stitches after. I got a little private helicopter ride down the mountain cash $5,000 private helicopter ride yeah, but, it’s okay cuz medical insurance covered it. And structured travel medical insurance um.

And now, you just have a nice little scar to remind ya thanks little be scarred for my nose there massa, but it all healed up, you know what, it’s kind of shaped like the Matterhorn upside down the geese the geese agree disagree go show my Instagram love go fall them in there. And tell them how awesome of a camera person oh yeah okay you. ?

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